• Governance
    All you need to know about Members of Parliament and write to them. Talk to your representatives, it is your right.
  • Women
    The most integrated women's safety platform in India. Mapping of violence against women, the best mobile app for women's safety and much more.
  • Rank your MP
    Rank your MP
    India's first public ranking system for Members of Parliament. Rank their work. Tell them how you feel.

Welcome Dear Visitor

Hello and welcome to Whypoll. We do one simple thing - connect citizens, that is, you and me, with people and processes that deliver governance to us using technology.

So whether it is using technology for women's safety or connecting directly with Members of Parliament (MP) or checking which MP is saying what in Twitter or mapping incidents of violence against women or tracking what is being said about your MP, this is where you will find it. This is India's biggest platform for technology for democracy.



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